The great pyramid: an interactive book

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The great pyramid: an interactive book

Cooper, Roscoe.

Santa Fe, NM : BridgeWater Books, 1997.

Pop-up book.

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Each spread in this elaborately designed interactive book explains a different facet of the building of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Readers will discover the secrets of the mysterious world of ancient Egypt as they turn pages to reveal pop-ups of each stage of construction, pull tabs to unfurl the secret scroll of the architect and lift flaps to uncover grave robbers in action. Evaluated by an expert consultant for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this beautifully illustrated work of nonfiction offers a unique and engaging approach to ancient history. An Egyptian-style necklace made of paper and gold string and a triangular-shaped panic puzzle add to the appeal of this exciting and educational masterpiece.



2 copies available at Shaftsbury Elementary School




Cooper, Roscoe.


The great pyramid: an interactive book.


Santa Fe, NM : BridgeWater Books, 1997.


Pop-up book.



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