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  • Escape from Baxter's barnEscape from Baxter's barn

    Bond, Rebecca, 1972-

    When Burdock, a young barn cat, sneaks into the house to get warm he hears that the farmer, Dewey Baxter, has terrible plans that will endanger all the animals, and he leads them in an attempt to escape before it is too late.

  • Smile!Smile!

    Duhamel, Megan.

  • The DolphinsThe Dolphins

    Findley, Violet.

  • We forgot Brock!We forgot Brock!

    Goodrich, Carter, author, illustrator.

    Phillip and Brock are best friends, although everyone else thinks Brock is imaginary, so when Phillip gets tired out at the Big Fair while Brock is still having fun, they are separated and it will take a very special twosome to bring them back together again.

  • The BandThe Band

    Kertell, Lynn Maslen.

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